Time Will Pass You By

Vienna, Austria was the first stop on my European tour. It was a rainy week, and this song came to me as I was sitting on the covered balcony of my friend's apartment, playing the guitar after a day of wandering the city - Allison

Time will pass you by,
In the cold days of your youth.
Where, where will you hide
When you can’t face the truth?

When will you decide there is no use?
When will you realize you cannot lose?

Oh, a cold wind blows,
Across the sea, across your face.
And nobody can feel
How you burn in your disgrace.

Look out at the sea, you’ll find your place.
Your heart knows where to go,
Set it free, let it chase.

Oh, the path you walk is slow,
And your feet are made of lead.
And nobody can hear
All the voices in your head.

Throw off all the robes that hold you back.
You know you need no clothes,
All you need is who you are.