The Dawn

In May 2012, my grandmother passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease. In her final days, my family came together to sit by her bedside. Sitting beside my grandmother's bed, holding her hand, a song came to me about the passage of time. That night, I recorded the song at home and uploaded it to my iPhone. The next day, I held the phone to my grandmother's ear and played it for her. She passed away a day later - Allison

The sun is rising,
The world is strong.
From where I’m standing I’m all awash in light.

The future’s shining,
It’s bright and warm.
A question’s asked, and every answer’s right

My path unfolds before my eyes.
Decisions made, and I divide
Who I could be from who I really am.

At times I stumble and seem to fall,
I learn to navigate it all,
But with the years I find it hard to stand.

It’s getting colder,
The clouds are low,
There’s no horizon I can see in sight.

I think back to
Bright days of dawn.
They keep me warm so I don’t feel the night.

Some things don’t matter now,
Can’t remember why they ever did.
While other things were never more clear than now.

For here I sit at heaven’s gate,
With nothing left to do but wait,
And trust that sunset always brings the dawn.